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  • Tastes as good as it sounds. A healthy and indulgent snack. Throw out the artificial salt and vinegar crisps and get real! The touch of sea salt and chives adds flavoursome balance to the black and white sesame seeds.
    These crackers contain natural magnesium, omega 3 and dietary fibre to give you what your body needs.
    Irresistible and great to share with friends.

    • Gluten free 
    • Dairy free 
    • Vegan
    • No additives or fillers

    Ingredients: Black and White Sesame seeds, Chives, Sea salt, Onion, Corn flour, Brown rice flour, Olive oil and Tapioca flour.

    Individual Pack Weight: 150g
    Each Serving Contains (Serving Size 40g, 3.75 servings per package)

    Energy: 733 kj
    Protein: 3.80 g
    Omega 3: 1.04 g
    Dietary Fibre: 2.08 g
    Potassium: 96 mg
    Magnesium: 44 mg

    Health Discovery Black & White Sesame Crackers


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